Paul Hoppe for Washington County Sheriff

"Because Progress is Impossible without Change"​

"The typical procedures of addressing crime problems in the traditional manner, with the same old results are no longer sustainable. I will seek to provide the highest level of leadership to encourage the department to grow, adapt and evolve into innovative problem solvers with effective solutions." 


As a resident of Washington County for most my life I understand what “quality of life” means to residents, and have committed to protect that way of life.  With 27 years of diverse public safety service I have the visionary leadership that will be required to progress the Sheriff’s Office into the future. Washington County deserves a proven leader who is Committed to Community and Dedicated to Progress. Elect me to represent you as your next sheriff, and together we will make a difference.

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Why I’m in Policing, A personal Story From Paul

My first job as a teen was working at a ski hill in Afton. I remember saving my earnings to purchase my first set of skis, only to have them stolen a couple weeks later.  I still remember the disappointment I felt that day and committed to doing what I could to prevent others from having to experience the same.  From that commitment, I worked with the ski hill and Deputies to create an anti-theft program for the business; it was my first exposure to crime prevention and the importance of creating partnerships to solve problems. 

Several years later I was hired by one of my mentors Sheriff Trudeau, he reinforced the importance of never forgetting that disappointing experience; and the importance of treating everyone with compassion, dignity, and respect; for often times we in law enforcement are dealing with people at their lowest moment and relationships are frequently forged in those times of need.   With 27 years in serving the Public, I have never forgotten the feeling that came from being a victim of crime; I have committed my career to preventing others from experiencing similar feelings and disappointments.   


As your Sheriff, I will continue to be committed to the fundamental initiatives of fostering relationships, and partnerships that evolve Washington County Sheriff's Office into an innovative, progressive organization focused on creative problem-solving. Together we will evaluate and improve the Safety of our Schools, get tough on Cybercrimes, implement Rapid Response Inititives, address the Opioid Overdose Epidemic, focus on Meaningful Community Engagement, implement intelligence-based policing initiatives, boost organizational transparency, and accomplish it with fiscal accountability.  

"I am devoted to implementing innovative solutions to fight crime, ensure fiscal accountability, increase the use of technology to improve services, be responsive to the needs of the citizens of Washington County and forge dedicated community partnerships."                                                                  Paul Hoppe for Sheriff, graduate of the FBI Academy                       Experience                    

27 years of Public Safety Service 

9 years: Public Safety Director / Police Chief City of Wyoming

18 years: Serving communities in Washington County 

FBI National Academy Graduate (session 242)

Master's Degree, University of St. Thomas in Police Administration and Leadership    

"Excellence in Innovation" Award for visionary and progressive leadership in Law Enforcement

Board Member for Lakes Center for Youth and Families

Instructor for Minnesota Police of Chiefs Association Professional Development​

14 years: Entrepreneur and Business owner in Washington County 


Committed to Community, Dedicated to Progress