A Message from Paul Hoppe

Washington County Deserves a Visionary Leader

Hi, I’m Paul Hoppe and I am running for Washington County Sheriff. 

As a life-long resident of Washington County I have lived in almost every community at some point in my life, from Cottage Grove to Scandia. I understand what "quality of life" means to those of us who live here, and I’m committed to protecting that way of life for those of us who live, work and raise our families in every neighborhood throughout the County.  The Washington County Sheriff’s Office needs a progressive and innovative leader, a person with diverse experience to lead the Sheriff’s Office into the future.  

"Committed to Community, ensuring that our Public Safety providers are focused on what is important to our communities and your voice is represented in how our guardianship is applied." 

~Chief Paul Hoppe~

As the Police Chief and Public Safety Director for the City of Wyoming, I have the honor and privilege of leading a group of talented Police and Fire professionals and achieved amazing results.  In 2017, we were recognized by the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and awarded the “Excellence in Innovation” Award for our ability to build trust, transparency and engagement with our community. Initiatives that I will continue as your Sheriff.

Because of my leadership style I have had the unique opportunity to work closely with IT, public safety providers and software engineers as a team tasked with implementing a state of the art, county wide records management system; and transitioned a department to an intelligence based policing management philosophy. This philosophy helps us better manage our resources, and improve accountability to our community. Initiatives that will be carried forward as your next Sheriff.   

Communities across America have been effected by the opioid overdose epidemic, and we are experiencing similar challenges here in Minnesota.  As a Public Safety Director and Police Chief I have taken a tough stance, against those who are illegally providing the opioids to our children and destroying their lives.  As your Sheriff, I will continue that fight to reduce the effects opioid addictions are having on our neighborhoods and our families. 

Modern Law Enforcement today is faced with more sophisticated perpetrators, they are using the internet to pray on our children, scam our elders out of their retirements, steal your identity for financial gain, and target the safety of our schools.  As your sheriff I will develop a state of the art digital crime lab to go after these criminals.  Digital evidence is as progressive as fingerprints and DNA were in their day.  No longer will they be able to hide behind their computer screens. We will use their own technology to track them down and hold them accountable, to prevent our families from falling victim to these sophisticated criminals. 

"Dedicated to Progress, a visionary leader willing to challenge the norm in search of a better way to serve the community."

~Chief Paul Hoppe~

As a previous business owner myself, I understand the need for Public Safety providers to work together with our businesses to protect the assets of your labor.  As your Sheriff, I will implement new strategies that focus on crime trends and create solutions to help prevent crimes before they happen. Together we will take action and get results.

The residents of Washington County deserve a visionary leader, with demonstrated diverse experience to lead the Sheriff’s Office into the future.  An individual committed to the community and dedicated to progress. I’m Paul Hoppe and I’m running for Washington County Sheriff and I ask for your vote on Nov 6th.   Together we can make a difference in protecting the quality of life that we all so deserve. 

Thank you for your Support!        
Paul Hoppe


Committed to Community, Dedicated to Progress