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Sheriff of Washington County

Recommendations and Letters of Support


As a former mayor of Wyoming, MN, I’m writing this letter to support Paul Hoppe, a Washington County candidate for sheriff with mixed emotions. 

During my entire three terms in office, Paul Hoppe served as Police Chief, then as Director of Public Safety.  During his tenure, Paul consistently found ways to improve our police force and still maintain a stable budget.  With a comprehensive approach to public safety, he worked diligently to ensure officers and staff had the training they needed, improved equipment along with an economical maintenance plan, and made huge advances with positive community relationships between the Wyoming Police and the residents.

As a first time voter, I am excited to participate in this year's election for many reasons but the most important is my uncle Paul is on the ballot for Washington County Sheriff. I have the privledge and advantage of knowing Paul on a personal 
level. I have had opportunities to volunteer my time working with the Wyoming Police department which included role playing through an interview and selection process and a minor purchase sting operation.

Hiring a Police Chief is similar to electing a Sheriff, they are both very important roles in local government and should not be a decision taken lightly.  As a former Mayor for the City of Wyoming, I had the responsibility of selecting the right person to lead the Wyoming Police department.  In 2009 we had dozens of people apply for the position and go through a competitive process to help us identify the person who would advance our Police Department into the 21st century. 

Upon reading sheriff candidate Dan Starry’s campaign materials, I found many federal, state and local endorsements. The most important two are missing from his extensive list: the voters of Washington County and the 80-plus deputies in his department.

A year and a half ago, the Washington County Board appointed Mr. Starry as sheriff. This was the most available choice for a “temporary” appointment at the time.

In July of this year, candidates Hoppe and Starry spoke at the deputies’ union meeting. The deputies voted to not endorse a candidate. Last week, after taking another vote, the union released a letter in support of candidate Hoppe.

Having served as a city administrator over the past 37 years, I have had the opportunity to work with several police chiefs with varying backgrounds and management styles. Prior to retirement, I worked with Paul Hoppe for seven years and found him to be an excellent results-oriented law enforcement manager qualified to meet the challenge of the Washington County Sheriff position.

I read a letter today issued by the Washington County Deputies Association supporting Paul Hoppe for Sheriff. This does not come as a surprise to me. People are wondering what the differences are between the two sheriff candidates; the endorsements tell it all. Paul posted a letter early in his campaign detailing he was not interested in seeking endorsements; rather, he was going to focus on seeking the support of the people.

As a resident of Woodbury and business owner, I support Paul Hoppe for Washington County Sheriff. Hoppe is a dedicated law enforcement officer who was born and raised in Washington County. Hoppe knows the people who live here and knows the issues we face in dealing with crime and public safety. 

In addition to having 27 years experience in law enforcement where he has demonstrated his ability to lead through critical thinking and collaboration, Hoppe has owned and operated several successful businesses in Washington County. 

The election of the next Washington County Sheriff is extremely important, way to set a new direction. Paul Hoppe is a proven leader and will be there for you and all of the police officers in Washington County. The next four years will be as challenging for law enforcement as the last four. Change is a constant and your police officers, deputies are at the front line of those changes. Tough issues will arise again and again it is the nature of the job. Paul has been preparing himself and the officers he works with daily to deal with the tough issues he will be there to help all of us work through the issues.

Washington County Deputies Association submits a second letter dispelling the false narrative being spread by Paul’s opponent’s supporters.  The Deputies confirm their support for Paul and ask others to respect their voice and choice in Paul Hoppe as the next Sheriff.