As a former mayor of Wyoming, MN, I’m writing this letter to support Paul Hoppe, a Washington County candidate for sheriff with mixed emotions. 

During my entire three terms in office, Paul Hoppe served as Police Chief, then as Director of Public Safety.  During his tenure, Paul consistently found ways to improve our police force and still maintain a stable budget.  With a comprehensive approach to public safety, he worked diligently to ensure officers and staff had the training they needed, improved equipment along with an economical maintenance plan, and made huge advances with positive community relationships between the Wyoming Police and the residents.

And, Paul has also embracing technology.  Not only did he improve the fire and police departments equipment, but also made use of social media (a free resource) to enhance communication between the departments and the community.  In fact, the Wyoming PD is one of the most well-known police departments in the nation when it comes to social media.  The Wyoming Police Department has managed to capture follower’s attention through humor so that when there is an important message to disseminate, they already have the community’s attention.   In fact, our daughter in Virginia Beach, VA was driving home from work one day, listening to the radio, when the DJ started talking about a Tweet from the Wyoming MN Police Department.

My mixed emotions…  The loss of Paul Hoppe would be a huge loss to the City of Wyoming, where I am a resident.   But, as a former resident of Washington County, who graduated from Stillwater Senior High, I can tell you that Paul Hoppe would be a huge asset to all of the communities throughout Washington County.

Please elect Paul Hoppe to be the next Washington County Sheriff.

Eric Peterson
26189 Galen Drive
Wyoming, MN  55092
Artist/Website Designer
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community
Former Mayor of the City of Wyoming (2010-2016)
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