As a first time voter, I am excited to participate in this year's election for many reasons but the most important is my uncle Paul is on the ballot for Washington County Sheriff. I have the privledge and advantage of knowing Paul on a personal 
level. I have had opportunities to volunteer my time working with the Wyoming Police department which included role playing through an interview and selection process and a minor purchase sting operation.

 I was able to see the way Paul interacts with his employees and the standards he sets for his department. You all have access to his credentials and education, but what you do not know about Paul and will not find under his accalaids is a personal story of committment to community that most people do not know about. My family was affected by the Hugo tornado, we lost our home and 90% of our belongings.


Paul was one of the first people there to assist securing our home as well as our neighbors. On the day that thousands of volunteers were asked to come assist with the clean up in Hugo, one of the needs of the city was portable toilets. The city had reached out to several companies and they were willing to help but increased their cost to do so. My uncle was one of the companies the city of Hugo reached out to, and without hesitation Paul gathered all of his inventory of portable toilets, got them on site in the short period of time and did not charge the city one dime.


He felt compelled to help a community that was devasted by a tragic event and do the right thing, not profit from such a devasting situation. This type of act of kindness is not unfamiliar to Paul, I have witnessed his kindness in many ways and without hesitation. I have been able to be on the campaign trail with Paul, he has worked tirelessly getting out and meeting the people of Washington County because that is who he will work for if elected Sheriff.


Callie Kaspszak