Having served as a city administrator over the past 37 years, I have had the opportunity to work with several police chiefs with varying backgrounds and management styles. Prior to retirement, I worked with Paul Hoppe for seven years and found him to be an excellent results-oriented law enforcement manager qualified to meet the challenge of the Washington County Sheriff position.

Paul Hoppe has great leadership skills and is a great communicator who uses these skills to bring people together to get things done. Paul has always been an innovator who is looking for ways to improve the level of service to the residents by improving scheduling or use of technology and viewed these challenges as opportunities.

Paul was a key person in getting the Chisago County Dispatch system working to the benefit of the county and all its cities. It goes without saying that Paul Hoppe thinks “Whole”-istically, which means he always is looking out for the “whole” system when solving problems, not just his department or office. When it comes to dealing with the public, Paul is very approachable, putting people at ease regardless of the circumstances; I believe this is a key attribute for the position of Washington County Sheriff due to the numerous people he will have to deal with from his own staff, other department heads, the County Board, the public, and Washington County police departments.


Paul is well suited for the challenge, and he will meet it.

Craig Mattson, Retired Wyoming City Administrator