Upon reading sheriff candidate Dan Starry’s campaign materials, I found many federal, state and local endorsements. The most important two are missing from his extensive list: the voters of Washington County and the 80-plus deputies in his department.

A year and a half ago, the Washington County Board appointed Mr. Starry as sheriff. This was the most available choice for a “temporary” appointment at the time.

In July of this year, candidates Hoppe and Starry spoke at the deputies’ union meeting. The deputies voted to not endorse a candidate. Last week, after taking another vote, the union released a letter in support of candidate Hoppe.


As the deputies’ support shows, Mr. Starry has done nothing to unify the department.

I question whether Mr. Starry’s leadership is the best for the future of Washington County.

I believe hiring, mentoring and retaining officers in the department is one of the most important items at this time. High employee turnover is expensive and benefits no one.

This is one of many reasons I support Paul Hoppe for Sheriff.

Rick Deneen, Scandia