I read a letter today issued by the Washington County Deputies Association supporting Paul Hoppe for Sheriff. This does not come as a surprise to me. People are wondering what the differences are between the two sheriff candidates; the endorsements tell it all. Paul posted a letter early in his campaign detailing he was not interested in seeking endorsements; rather, he was going to focus on seeking the support of the people.

That he has done, I have seen Paul walking the neighborhood streets across the county, reaching out to individual residents, hosting a tent at every community celebration to engage in dialog with us, the residents. Paul is a community engaged leader, truly interested in what is important to us. His opponent has spent his time collecting the endorsements of the political establishment which appointed him to his position, which makes sense considering the public did not elect him to the office. 

In my opinion, the difference between the two candidates is this: Paul Hoppe is wholeheartedly engaged with the people, interested in representing the residents of Washington County. His opponent is focused on securing his position with the political elite. I wanted an elected official who was elected by the people, not appointed and endorsed by the establishment. I’m supporting Paul Hoppe for sheriff, because he cares about the people. Please join me and the deputies in supporting Paul Hoppe as our next sheriff.

Keith Keeley, Baytown